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Taking Our Engagement to the Next Level

Our goal at Boston Partners for Peace is to find ways for us in Boston to support our peacebuilding partners overseas. People often tell us that the more concrete opportunities they have for engagement, the better. For this reason, we are very excited to announce our first campaign to raise the funds one of our peacebuilders needs to grow its work.

Our goal is to raise $180 for the Parents Circle, a group of Palestinians and Israelis that have lost family members to the conflict and reconcile through common loss. You may remember that the Parents Circle was deeply affected by recent USAID funding cuts, and we want to show them that we are proud to stand up and support their work.

Despite being a small country, traveling in Israel is not always easy. Groups from the Parents Circle usually meet in a central location, but these places can be difficult to access for people who live in more peripheral areas. This $180 we are raising will allow one Israel and one Palestinian to travel to a Parents Circle gathering. This is something small that we in Boston can do to make a big difference for Israelis and Palestinians working toward mutual recognition and understanding.

We are counting on you to help this initiative succeed. Any amount you can give will contribute to our success. Once we reach our goal, we will find another place to have an impact.

Through Boston Partners for Peace we are investing in relationships with Israeli and Palestinian peacebuilders.They are a group of people who inspire us every day, and now we have a new, concrete way of helping to make sure that their work touches many more lives.

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