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Our Mission
We believe that a fundamental component of resolving the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is to invest in partnerships among the two societies. Our work amplifies the voices of people who are doing this work in four critical areas – economic cooperation, civic engagement, education, and people-to-people. We are dedicated to educating about and promoting efforts that are advancing the cause of peace by working toward a shared future of mutual recognition and prosperity.
About Boston Partners for Peace

Boston Partners for Peace is a coalition of Bostonians who believe that investing in partnerships between Palestinian and Israeli peoples is a critical step toward resolving the conflict. 


An initiative of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston (JCRC), Boston Partners for Peace is an expression of our commitment to advancing the realization of a two-state solution negotiated directly by Palestinians and Israelis.


Our community-wide effort is aimed at fostering a climate of tolerance and trust between Israelis and Palestinians through economic and social partnerships that create the conditions on the ground to advance the cause of peace.

We believe that partnerships are more powerful than any military action or economic sanction, and they have the potential to change history. We support non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are building a shared future among Palestinians, Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs, in four critical areas – economic cooperation, civic engagement, education, and people-to-people.


More specifically, we support organizations that promote:

  • A vision of a shared and peaceful future among Israelis and Palestinians based on people-to-people initiatives.

  • Cooperation and development initiatives including joint efforts that foster sustainable economic growth and social development in disadvantaged areas.

  • Cross-cultural community building, including social and cultural activities, programs, and institutions that promote stronger relations.


We oppose any measures that limit or discourage this investment and harm employment opportunities for Palestinians and Israelis. The NGOs on this website are periodically reviewed to ensure that these criteria are met.

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