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Join us for a new discussion series! Over the next several weeks, we'll provide ways to engage in small groups on topics related to Israeli-Palestinian relations. With the current political situation in Israel evolving at a rapid pace, we can take this time to become informed, think critically, and delve into the complexities of the conflict together.

Join us to discuss the hit TV show "Our Boys" Thursday, June 4th at 7:30pm. Created by Israeli and Palestinian directors, "Our Boys" takes an in-depth look at the events that led up to the 2014 Gaza War. The first episode of this groundbreaking series captures the kidnappings of four teenagers—three Jewish and one Palestinian—starting a chain of violence that would last throughout the summer. What can this portrayal teach us about the Israeli and Palestinian experience in the lead-up to the Gaza War? How can art manifest as a tool of storytelling, incitement, and healing in the conflict? What are the lessons some bereaved families draw from 2014? Join JCRC Israel Engagement Director Eli Cohn-Postell as he leads us in a discussion of these and other questions together.

For those with an HBO account, we encourage you to watch the first episode before joining us next Thursday!


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