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Welcome to Boston Partners for Peace

Welcome to Boston Partners for Peace—a new Boston-based initiative supporting Israeli and Palestinian peacemakers and social builders. Boston is one of the best educated cities in the world, and we pride ourselves on keeping up with current events whether in Jerusalem, Washington, or right here on Beacon Hill. As concerned global citizens, we know it can sometimes be hard for us to find ways to act on our values and make a positive change. That’s why we launched Boston Partners for Peace.

We are a group of people who are concerned about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and who seek to advance a vision of mutual recognition, co-existence, and lasting peace. As we dug into the issues, we discovered there are thousands of Palestinians and Israelis working together every day in pursuit of a brighter, more peaceful future for themselves and future generations. These individuals have inspired us, and we created Boston Partners for Peace to share their incredible stories.

Boston Partners for Peace is designed to introduce you to peacemakers (Jewish Israelis and Palestinian non-citizens) and social builders (Jewish and Palestinian citizens). Today, there are 16 NGOs listed on our website, but we will rotate these organizations periodically to make sure you have access and insight into even more outstanding grassroots organizations. Feel free to reach out and suggest an NGO that you’d like to see featured on our website.

Step two takes us from education to action. Find an organization you like? Take a deeper dive by becoming a changemaker here in Boston. We regularly update the site with new ways to support these grassroots efforts. Host a parlor meeting, contact your representatives, volunteer directly with an organization— we believe every person can find a way to make a difference. Peace can start with us.

This blog will mark the progress of the many individuals committed to advancing understanding and peace. We’ll share their achievements and offer insights into how their organizations are making a difference. From time to time, we will also feature guest blogs and event information as we continue to grow into a broad coalition of Boston-based changemakers. For everyday updates and hot takes, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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